Give Kentucky Voters Control Over Taxation


House Bill 49 has passed out of the House and now goes to the Senate Committee.  Please see below and contact the members of that Committee and urge passage of HB49

What you can do

Proposed Changes to KRS Statutes


Senator Ralph Alvarado and Representative Stan Lee have filed Senate Bill 26 and House Bill 49 

The companion bills would make significant changes to the process by which citizens can force recall votes on tax increases by local governments and school boards. 

  • Extend from 45 to 75 days the period after which a tax increase is approved within which the required petition signatures can be obtained to place the tax increase up for a recall vote by the citizens in the affected jurisdiction. 

  • Modify the petition requirements to  eliminate the need for individual petition forms for each precinct (Lexington = 287 forms  Bowling Green = 120 forms and Louisville=623 forms)

  • Authorize petition signatures to be obtained electronically by compliance with the Kentucky Uniform Electronics Transaction Act. 

  • Extend the recall process to all local school board property tax rate increases, not just those that would produce revenue in excess of 4% more than the prior year, i.e., the “compensating rate”. 

  • Extend the recall process to property tax increases of county fiscal courts, special purpose government entities, and city and urban-county governments, and to occupational license fees, occupational license taxes, gross receipts license taxes and excise taxes for schools. 


What Can You Do?


Contact the Committee Members

 Call or email the Committee members and urge them to pass Senate Bill 26 and House  Bill 49

Click Here to see committee members info

Spread The Word

This is a statewide effort. Share this website or the Facebook Page with all your contacts throughout Kentucky

and encourage them to share with their contacts

Sign The Petition

Click here to sign the petition being sent to State Legislators